Brand Geo Ground
Warranty 3 Years
Systems 6 Search Systems
Country Germany
Depth 50 Meters

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COBRA GX 8000 metal detector is an all in one device for gold detection,

metal detection, treasure hunting and prospecting that meet the needs

of all treasure hunters and professional prospectors around the world.

Cobra GX 8000 includes for the first time in one metal detector device,

six search systems with different detection technologies that offer

all tools and functions for prospectors for various applications and tasks related to treasure hunting and metal detection activities.

COBRA GX8000 incorporates most powerful German technology

from Geo Ground company based in Germany, for metal detection

and gold prospecting in the world with high performance and accurate results

and trusted equipment that

unleash your passion for discovering treasures with COBRA GX 8000

the best and reliable device to detect the deepest treasures buried underground easily.

COBRA GX 8000 Applications & Uses

With six different search systems that work according to most

of the metal search technologies that have been discovered to date,

COBRA GX 8000 offers the prospector the possibility to use it in a variety of practical applications

within the field of metal detection and treasure detection.

Here we provide a brief enumeration of the device applications and practical uses:

  • Search for buried gold treasures Example: jar filled with gold coins – golden statue – ornaments such as bracelet or ring
  • Excavation of ancient monuments like old weapons such as daggers and swords – metal tools for plowing – jewelry – precious metal objects
  • Search for metals of various ferrous metals such as iron, non-ferrous metals such as silver, copper, aluminum …
  • Discover ancient and modern coins made of different metals such as gold – silver – copper – bronze.


COBRA GX 8000 Features


6 Search Systems

Cobra GX 8000 is the first unique device that includes six diverse search systems

covering all the needs of treasure hunters and treasure hunters around the world.

Here we provide a brief overview of the uses and functions of each search system

and an overview of its benefits and uses

Long Range Search Systems

Long-range search systems include two subsystems where the prospector can search

using one of two methods: Single search system (single person system) or Dual search system (two persons system).

In addition, there is a Free Mode option available in both methods for

fine tune of search frequency as the user can select custom value for specific metal type

1 – Long Range – Single Person

This search mode is intended for use by only one person using a pair of copper

handles with copper antennas mounted on the front and holding

the handles on both the left and right hands.

Each handle at the end has a port or plug that connects to a link unit via spiral cables

and this unit connects at the end with a short cable with a Long Range unit that

contains a small screen to display different information (search program, soil, depth

and distance as will be explained later) where this unit continues to receive data

from the unit of the Ground Frequency Generator (planted in the ground at the start of work),

which is connected with the main unit of the device via a cable containing two

pieces at the end , Black and red connect to the corresponding plugs on the front of the main unit.

Several parameters and settings can be set before you start searching such as :



The user can select the type of metal that he wants to search for from 12 Search programs for all metal types including ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


The available programs are as following:

  1. Gold Treasure
  2. Silver
  3. Gold Veins
  4. Gold Ore
  5. Bronze
  6. Copper
  7. Diamond
  8. Gemstones
  9. Platinum
  10. Iron
  11. Cavity
  12. Free Mode

With this setting user can choose the soil type from the available options for more accurate results:

Stony – Rocky – Sand – Normal – Wet – High Mineral – Low Mineral


Here user can adjust the distance of the front scan range by selecting the search range

from 0 to 2000 meters where he can increase or decrease value via the left and

right arrow buttons in the control panel



Here user also can adjust the maximum depth that the device can search, that contains

values in range from 0 to 50 meters.


2 – Long Range – Dual (Two Persons)

This search mode is intended for use by two persons at the same time by using a set of copper

handles at the end of which two copper wires for each person where one person

holds the handles that have ports at the end to connect with the linking unit that

connects via cable with the Long Range unit and the other handle does not contain ports ,

which held by the opposite second person and the ends of the wires in each side are connected .

After selecting the dual system (two opposite persons system) from the

long-range search submenu, the different settings are selected in the same way as

the steps described in the previous paragraphs.

3 – Manual Frequency

A team of specialized engineers has developed this technology for the COBRA GX 8000.

Its principle is choosing a specific frequency manually that suits the needs of the user,

because according to long statistics conducted with treasure hunters.

There was a constant need for this technique that enables the user to customize

the search for any metal he wants to search.

This third system is available in the form of a sub-option within the long-range search system

and can be selected after the selection of the long-range system, either in Single or Dual

search systems and then choose the metal and then choose the Free Mode option.

The frequency can then be manually set to a specific value that can be

increased or decreased by the arrow buttons on the main unit control panel

to match the search for a custom type of metal to the specified frequency.


Bionic Search Systems

These search systems operate using a separate search unit called the Ionic Systems Unit,

which connects to the Cobra GX8000’s main unit wirelessly via Wi-Fi.

The Ionic Systems Unit has a small screen displaying a visual representation of the

signals according to the system used and there is a port in the front where

the sensor corresponding to the selected search system is installed.

The subsystem is selected by selecting the Bionic option in the main menu

and then choosing one of the three search systems:

1 – Ion System

2 – Ionic system

3 – Bionic system

Before pressing Connect button, the user must power on the Ionic Systems Unit and confirm the connection between two units.

4- Ion System

This system is designed according to the latest modern scientific standards.

The latest studies have been adopted on the fields and active currents that exist

around human person’s body without being able to realize them.

In other words the Ion system is based on detecting active ion currents in the user’s perimeter

for distances up to 80 meters, where the sensor will install the Ion Sensor system

at the front of the unit of Ionic Systems Unit.

As a result the device displays on the unit screen a visual indicator in the form of a progress

bar representing the strength of the ionic signal, an ascending indicator where

the signal strength increases when approaching the target more and is accompanied

by an audio tone that intensifies when a target is near.

When using this system, the device searches for ionic signals coming from

long-buried metal targets such as old treasure or old weapons.

5 – Ionic System

This system has been formulated with the latest studies related to ionic and

magnetic fields emitted from minerals, voids and objects buried underground.

As a result the Ionic system is based on the detection of ionic and magnetic fields

around the user for distances up to about 120 meters where the sensor

uses the Ionic Sensor system at the front of the Ionic Systems Unit.

Above all The ion system measures the ionizing radiation (absorbed ions) of buried metal or golden objects.

So this detection method can only find artifacts and long-buried golden treasures.

However in the case of a close signal an indicator will appear on the screen of Ionic Systems Unit.

The indicator increases as the signal strength increases or as we move closer to the target.

In conjunction with a gradual sound alert. The signal strength increases.

If the metal is present, then indicator moves to the right, and the indicator is shown in yellowish red.

The cursor moves to the left in the case of spaces, and appears in blue also.

6 – Bionic System

Bionic system is one of the unique and advanced systems in the field of detection

of ionic and magnetic signals that surround us in this world. It was developed to capture fields from underground buried objects.

The Bionic system relies on capturing a field from one object and starting

to look for another object that has the same ion field in the area around us.

In other words, the device can be directed to specific A object made of metal.

Then search the area around us for any signal that carries the same ionic field as

the previous object that means same metal. If there is no area similar to the object A.

The device will not give us any indicator or beep after that.

The system can reach distances of up to 40 meters and uses a special sensor the Bionic Sensor.

During the detection process, the Bionic system interacts with the bio energy

of the operator’s body to analyze minimal changes in target materials.

Multilingual Graphical User Interface


The device software program has an attractive graphical user interface with

symbols and controls easy to understand and adjust even for beginners in the

field of metal detection, so user can easily choose different settings such as search system, distance, depth, soil type and other settings.

The device software program is available in several languages including

German, English, French, Arabic and Russian and the language can be selected from the Settings screen.

User can also control the sound volume of the device as well as lighting

the screen to suit the user conditions in terms of sun or darkness.

Brand GeoGround
Made In Germany
Depth 50 Meter
Search Technology Long-Range Locator System + Ionic/Bionic/Ion
Front Scan Range 2500 Meters
Search Programs 12 (Gold Treasure – Gold Ore – Gold Veins – Silver – Bronze – Copper – Diamond – Gemstones – Platinum – Iron – Cavity – Free Mode)
Languages German, English, French, Arabic, Spanish and Persian
Power lithium-ion Battery
Warranty 3 Years