Price Metall Detector

Price Metall Detector

Gold detector price depends on many factors related to the manufacturing process, the technology for searching

for underground metals, the search mechanism and parts or accessories used.

The price factor also relates to the technical features of the gold detector, which in turn are related to previous factors

and other factors such as the manufacturer.

These factors include, for example, search frequencies, detection modes, audio tones

in electromagnetic devices, and the way data is displayed in imaging devices, among others.

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Price Metall Detector

In this article we will show the effect of some of these factors on the price of gold detectors,

with mentioning various detailed practical examples of all types of gold detectors.

Price Metall Detector

Search Technology

The search technology in the device is the most important factor in determining the gold detector price,

where the price of the device relates to the method of search and the cost of manufacturing this technology,

including special equipment or certain parts, for example magnetic sensors or coils or otherwise,

which is reflected in the final price of the product.

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Maximum Depth

In general, the maximum search depth plays a large role in determining the price of the gold detector,

so that the greater the depth of the maximum search for a metal detector, the more it will increase

in price and vice versa, of course, taking into account the factor of the search technology.

As a practical example, electromagnetic gold detectors are significantly less expensive than long-range scanners

because they give relatively small search depths that do not exceed two meters, unlike long-range devices

that provide a large search depth up to 40 – 50 meters underground.

On the other hand, 3D imaging gold detectors, although they are more expensive than the long-range devices,

they offer depths between 15-25 meters as a maximum, and here the search technology factor plays the biggest role in the price.


gold detector depth

Price Metall Detector

Origin Country & Brand

There are many international companies that manufacture gold and metal detectors from different countries of the world,

such as Germany, Australia, Turkey and America…

German metal detectors devices are the most expensive because of their high quality and the technology

in them compared to similar devices from other countries.

As in most electronics and other products, the subject of the device brand (the manufacturer) affects the value of the device, as buying

a device from a well-known brand may cost the prospector more expensive than a similar device with the same specifications from another unknown company.

The country of manufacture also plays an important role, as in the field of gold detectors and metal detectors,

the devices made in Germany are of the highest quality, but in return they are more expensive compared to devices made in other countries.

Price Metall Detector

Device Technical Features

Gold detectors technical features discriminate each device from each other as the features may be available in

a specific metal detector are not available in a similar device and this vary the price.

Some technical features can be a reason for the high price of some types of devices due to the manufacturer’s investment

in technology that may be private and exclusive.

Technical features may be basic or essential features or additional features such as new search systems or multiple search modes or extra features

that may be helpful such as special audio tones or the ability to update the device software .. all of that features affects the final price of the gold detector

Price Metall Detector

Parts & Accessories

The parts supplied with the device, whether they are essential original parts or accessories, affect the selling price of the gold detector.
For example, on devices that rely on search coils, the availability of an additional search coils means an increase in the price.
In 3D imaging devices, the presence of additional sensors or probes for specific applications such as tunnel detection means a higher price

for the device compared to another device without these sensors.

Price Metall Detector

Other Factors

The final retail price of the device also depends on various factors, such as the tax in the country of sale, the customs tax on import,

the shipping costs related to the country, the shipping company, and other factors.

Price Metall Detector

How Much Does a Gold Detector Cost

Here in this paragraph will give an overview about gold detector price based on search technology with examples

Electromagnetic Gold Detectors

Electromagnetic gold detectors are the least expensive among the types of metal detectors,

where simple and small devices are available that their prices do not exceed $ 300 USD ,example : Simplex, but when buyer want to obtain

higher specifications such as more search coils and greater depths the price increases steadily and depends on the country

of manufacture and the brand but is not expected that the best device exceeds more than 2000 dollars only.

Example : Nokta Impact

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