Golden Mask Deep Hunter Pro 5

Golden Mask Deep Hunter Pro 5

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Golden Mask Deep Hunter Pro 5

The Golden Mask Pro5 is a modified version of the Pro3 one of the metal detectors Devices.

Electronic components have been re-engineered to provide the easiest performance. The balance in the Golden Mask is also enhanced because of the use of ultra-sensitive electronics. The Golden Mask has a TRASH REJECT function so that the user can choose what the detector will respond to, only large targets or all targets. With this technology, small garbage can be disposed of, and the machine will only interact with large targets, which is very useful for old grounds or other places with a lot of garbage. Just like all the other models in the Deep Hunter series.

The Golden Mask is designed to detect large and medium buried metal objects. The ground balance is set automatically, you just have to watch the Golden Mask running, and the user does not need to set the ground balance. The type of metal objects is identified by two red LEDs for non-ferrous metals and green LEDs for ferrous metals.

The Golden Mask uses the principle of pulse induction. This technology has become more complex based on recent developments in the field of electronics in order to achieve competitive performance. Golden Masks use innovative solutions to improve the performance of automatic tuning and metal identification. The operating frequency is 602 Hz-667 Hz.

The Golden Mask Pro 5 uses the same coils as the Pro 3 and Pro 3SE.

You can import Golden Mask from USA; all Golden Mask metal detectors are FCC certified.

The buttons of Golden Mask deep hunter pro 5

  • VOLLUME on / off: To control the voltage, the sound power, and the electronic block on / off.
  • POWER: The potentiometer controls the transmitting power.
  • THRESHOLD: Potentiometer to set the initial rate sound indication (if there is no metal in the search coil device).
  • GROUND” -“multiturn”: to adjust the system to avoid soil influence
  • SIGNAL: An analog measurement system for the signal during search.
  • Fe”, “n-Fe: Metal type LED indicator:
  • Green: for ferromagnetism, red: for non-ferrous metals.
  • Low battery: LED indicator for low battery.


How to find metal objects

Use both frames in the Golden Mask. The tire should move horizontally about 10 cm above the ground. The search begins by pressing “TUNE” for a short while.

Note the area that is passed to the frame. It should be parallel with a length of 5-10 meters inclusive of the entire area. The overlap must be at least 1/3 of the tire size.

The movement is slow, and each signal is indicated by the beginning and the end. Signs with a duration of less than half the size of the frame are usually due to shallow buried metal objects. Signals of greater longevity require careful examination by frequent approaches from different areas.

Searching for metal objects with using of the small antenna

The stick must be set to the height of the trigger. The antenna is raised, allowing it to spread horizontally above the ground and the search begins by pressing and releasing ‘TUNE’. Movements and control signals are the same as in the use of the framework.

How to infer the presence of metals

An increase in the frequency of the audio signal and an increase in the reading of the analog measurement system “SIGNAL” means the presence of a metal object in the range of the search coil. By approaching the center of the buried objects, the frequency of the sound increases.

Above a certain level of the signal, the signal’s distinct metal quality system reacts to the type of metal by flashing the LEDs briefly.

Notes about the Golden Mask deep hunter pro 5

At the initial setting of the system to avoid the influence of the multi-cycle soil potentiometer, the “GROUND” setting should be placed around the middle position, fifth rotation of the initial (final) position.

The “GROUND” button can be rotated clockwise after the initial setting, which greatly reduces the impact and sensitivity of the soil to small metallic objects, but the system’s indication of the type of metal is more accurate.

If the device malfunctions while working, the audio frequency indicator changes randomly without any metal in the area, then search your search antenna for the “TUNE” button and press it one or more times to return it to work.

In the on/off sitting, there may be a flashing “Battery Low” indicator, which alerts you to connect the device to its charger.

If the “low battery” indicator remains lit during operation, it means that it is necessary to charge the battery as soon as possible or the device will lose its ability to work.

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