Operates with seven different search systems in one device:

To detect buried gold, raw gold, treasures, gold, bronze, and silver coins underground.

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The UIG GOLD DIGGER device operates with seven search systems for detecting buried gold, raw gold, gold veins, hidde treasures, precious metals, gold, bronze, and silver coins underground.

After significant efforts, scientific research, and field trials conducted by UIG Detectors Company, we are excited to introduce our new, groundbreaking device-the world’s first for detecting underground gold, precious metals, and hidden treasures.

Through intensive practical experiments and numerous field tests worldwide, the UIG GOLD DIGGER device has proven its high efficiency.

The UIG GOLD DIGGER device boasts several advanced features that will transform beginners into professionals in prospecting, delivering optimal results.

The UIG Gold Digger device is versatile, precise, and the first of its kind globally for detecting buried gold, raw gold, precious metals, metal coins, and hidden treasures, operating in all natural conditions and terrains.

Key Features

The UIG GOLD DIGGER device operates with a highly accurate, advanced automatic (VLF) system, distinguishing between precious and non-precious metals.

The UIG Gold Digger machine provides those in the gold prospecting field with a highly efficient and user-friendly tool.

The UIG GOLD DIGGER device features an automatic operating system unaffected by soil types: wet, mineral-rich, or mineralized rocks (basalt rocks). It can bypass all types of mineralized rocks with advanced calibration technology.

The UIG GOLD DIGGER device operates with seven different search systems for detecting precious and non-precious metals.

1. General Search System: This system can search for all types of targets (large and small).

2. Small Target Search System: This system specializes in detecting small targets (such as raw gold, gold veins, small gold flakes, and metal coins).

3. High Depth Search System: This system specializes in detecting large targets (like hidden treasures) at great depths.

4. Hard soil Search System: This system excels in discovering targets in high-noise environments and the most challenging types of mineral-rich, impure soils.

5. Smart Scan System: This unique system combines two features, reaching great depths while not losing the ability to detect small targets.

6. Custom Search System: This system can store frequencies for over twenty types of metals, allowing users to choose which metal to search for or ignore. It can search for multiple metals simultaneously or ignore several metals at the same time.

7. Target Localization System (Pointer): This system specializes in accurately pinpointing target locations, reaching great depths, and facilitating the digging process for the prospector.

Customizable Metal Ignoring System

Focus solely on your desired targets by customizing UIG Gold Digger’s metal ignoring system, allowing you to filter out unwanted metals effortlessly.

The device’s depth for ancient buried targets reaches 4 meters or more underground.

The UIG GOLD DIGGER device supports multiple languages:

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Waterproof Double-D
Search Coil

Designed for durability and performance, the DD13 search coil ensures reliable operation in various environments, including wet and challenging terrains.

Reach more depth

The device supports the AP 18-inch search coil to access greater depths of up to 4 meters underground.

High Depth

High Sensitivity


Noise Resistance