Water Line

Water Line

Water Line, the ultimate groundwater detector device that utilizes state-of-the-art

Long-Range locating technology to revolutionize the way we uncover underground water resources.

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Water Line


Introducing the Water Line device by Geoground, a groundbreaking innovation in groundwater detection technology.

Experience the power and simplicity of Water Line, the ultimate groundwater detector device that utilizes state-of-the-art

Long-Range locating technology to revolutionize the way we uncover underground water resources.

With its unmatched capabilities, Water Line can detect various types of water sources, including normal, fresh, and even salty water,

providing a comprehensive solution for water exploration and detection.

Covering an impressive scan range of up to 3000 meters and an astonishing depth penetration of 1200 meters, Water Line takes you to new horizons

in your search for hidden water reservoirs.

water line

Whether you are a professional geologist, a dedicated hydrologist, a farmer, or a passionate water explorer,

Water Line is your indispensable companion in revealing the secrets hidden beneath the Earth’s surface.

Join us on this remarkable journey as we unlock the true potential of ground’s water resources.

With Water Line by your side, you possess the ability to unearth the most elusive water sources, transforming our understanding

and utilization of this invaluable and life-sustaining element.

Device Features


Water Line groundwater detector offers a range of applications that cater to various needs:

  1. Groundwater Detection:

Designed specifically for detecting and exploring groundwater sources,

Water Line enables users to locate underground water reservoirs precisely.

  1. Agriculture and Irrigation:

Farmers and agricultural professionals can rely on Water Line to identify optimal areas for well placement and irrigation.

This helps optimize water usage, leading to increased crop productivity.


  1. Water Resource Management:

Water Line plays a vital role in assessing the quantity and quality of water resources.

By providing valuable data, it supports sustainable water management and conservation efforts.


  1. Water Well Drilling:

Water Line assists drilling companies in selecting optimal drilling locations.

By increasing the success rate of well installations and reducing drilling costs,

it proves to be an invaluable tool for efficient water well drilling operations.


Groundwater Detection Technology

Discover the cutting-edge technology of Long Range Locating (LRL) for groundwater detection with Water Line.

This groundbreaking device utilizes L.R.L technology to locate underground water resources from significant distances.

With Water Line, users have the ability to customize the search process to achieve precise and accurate results.

By setting the desired scan range and depth range, user can target specific areas with reliable precision.

This exceptional performance in water detection achieved through a combination of antennas, the Signal Booster Dish, and the advanced Smart Sensor.

These components work together seamlessly to ensure unparalleled detection accuracy and efficiency.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of Water Line as it simplifies the process of uncovering hidden groundwater resources like never before.

With this remarkable device, locating and accessing underground water sources has never been easier or more efficient.

Integrated Detection Tools for Best Results

By employing a sophisticated blend of antennas, a Signal Booster Dish, and the Smart Sensor, the Water Line groundwater detector

device excels in detecting and pinpointing groundwater resources with precision.

These components seamlessly cooperate to create a comprehensive and efficient detection system.

The antennas capture electromagnetic signals, while the Signal Booster Dish enhances the reception of these signals,

and the Smart Sensor gathers and analyzes the scan data.

As a result through the integration of data obtained from these integral components, Water Line is capable of accurately identifying

the exact location of groundwater sources, empowering users to make well-informed choices regarding water exploration and management.

Search Antennas

The antennas play a crucial role as the main receivers of electromagnetic signals that are generated due to

the presence of underground water resources and deposits.

These signals propagate through various layers of soil and rock formations. As they encounter variations

in the electrical conductivity and permittivity of the ground, the signals undergo changes in their frequency, amplitude, and phase.

The device captures these modified signals and converts them into digital signals for analysis within the device.

Signal Booster Dish

The Signal Booster Dish is instrumental in optimizing the reception of the signals mentioned earlier.

Its primary function is to amplify the faintest electromagnetic waves emitted, thereby ensuring enhanced accuracy

in pinpointing the location of the water source.

Smart Sensor

The Smart Sensor is an exceptionally advanced component that incorporates state-of-the-art sensing technologies

through its integrated electronic sensors.

As a result it collaborates seamlessly with the antennas and signal booster dish to gather and analyze data from the received

signals beneath the surface, accurately guiding the user to potential water resources.

A notable attribute of the smart sensor is its small LED lights positioned at the top, which illuminate in a vibrant

blue color upon detecting the proximity of an underground water source, this feature serves as an important indicator for users.

Equipped with the ability to perceive subtle fluctuations in the electromagnetic fields and electrical properties of the ground,

the Smart Sensor provides invaluable insights into the existence and characteristics of groundwater resources.

Customized Search Settings

The Water Line device offers a user-friendly and streamlined experience for searching groundwater sources.

Nonetheless, it also provides a range of customizable options to cater to the user’s specific requirements, drilling capabilities, and the characteristics of the land.

The user can adjust following options for customized search:

Type of Water

With the Water Line device, users have the capability to choose a specific water type during their search

for groundwater sources within a designated area.

The device is capable of detecting three primary water types, including:

  1. Normal Water: This refers to standard groundwater sources.
  2. Fresh Water: This category denotes clean and non-saline water resources.
  3. Salty Water: This indicates the presence of saline or brackish water.

So by selecting their desired water type, users can customize their search to concentrate on a specific

category of water resources that aligns with their requirements.

water line - type of water

Scan Distance

The Water Line device offers a valuable feature that enables users to define the search range within their target area.

By utilizing this option, users can specify the distance that the device should cover during its search.

Impressively, the Water Line device has the capability to search for distances of up to 3000 meters, highlighting its wide and extensive scan range.

This extensive coverage allows users to explore vast territories in their quest for potential water sources.

As a result, the device proves highly efficient and effective in its groundwater detection capabilities.

In addition users have the flexibility to accurately adjust the distance value within the range of 0 to 3000 meters, ensuring precise control

over the extent of their search and enhancing the device’s versatility and adaptability to various exploration scenarios.

water line - distance

Maximum Scan Depth

The Water Line device offers a noteworthy feature that allows users to specify the maximum depth

of the scan range within or below the target area.

Impressively, the device exhibits exceptional capabilities in detecting water sources up to a depth of 1200 meters underground.

This remarkable depth range enables the device to uncover a significant majority of potential targets within the search area.

Additionally, the Water Line device surpasses expectations by accessing water reservoirs at such impressive depths that were previously inaccessible.

By possessing this capability, the Water Line device empowers users to explore and tap into previously unexplored water sources,

expanding the possibilities for discovering valuable groundwater resources. The user has the ability to accurately set the desired depth value

within the range of 0 to 1200 meters, providing precise control over the depth of the scan and enhancing the device’s effectiveness

in various exploration scenarios.

water line - depth


After the user has chosen the desired settings, they have the option to initiate the search and begin the scanning process.

At this stage, it is important to review all the previously specified settings to ensure they align with the user’s search requirements.

To start the scanning process, the user simply needs to press the OK button on the keypad.

water line - scan settings

Once the initial settings are completed, a warning window will appear, prompting the user to press either the Start button or the OK button on the keypad.

As a result this action will initiate the calibration process and allow the user to enter the search screen, where visual indicators will guide them towards the target location.

water line scan

Easy to Use Program

The Water Line device’s software program boasts an attractive graphical user interface (GUI) that highlights a modern design and maintains a consistent color scheme.

The interface employs a single menu system with distinct tabs for settings, accompanied by visually expressive icons representing each option and setting.

This thoughtful design greatly enhances the user experience by enabling seamless and visually intuitive selection of various options.

Moreover, the device interface offers customization options for a wide range of general settings.

These settings encompass Date & Time for synchronization, screen settings including Brightness adjustment, sound settings

such as Key Sound Volume and Scan Sound Volume control, language selection for the program, and the display of general information

like the serial number and other relevant details.

Therefore this comprehensive array of customizable options empowers users to tailor the Water Line device to their specific preferences

and requirements, ensuring a personalized and user-friendly experience.

Multi-Language Program

To cater to prospectors worldwide, Geoground has integrated a language customization feature into the user interface of the Water Line device.

This feature allows users to select their preferred language from a thoughtfully curated list of options, including

English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Arabic, and Persian.

Therefore By offering this diverse range of languages, Geoground ensures that, the Water Line device can be readily accessed

and utilized by prospectors from different linguistic backgrounds.

In conclusion this commitment to inclusivity and usability on a global scale promotes a seamless user experience

and facilitates effective communication for users worldwide.

water line language

Package Contents

  • Main Electronic Unit
  • Smart Sensor
  • Signal Booster Dish
  • Wireless Handle Unit
  • RF Antennas
  • Charger
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Specifications

    CPU ( Processor) Type ARM
    Clock Frequency 72 MHz
    Memory Type SD
    Capacity 2 GB
    Screen Type TFT LCD HMI
    Size 3.5 INCH
    Resolution 480 X 320
    Colors 64 K 65536
    Backlight LED
    Sound Output Speaker + Headset
    Jack Type 3.5 mm
    Internal Speaker 3W
    Charger Input 100 – 220 V 50 / 60 Hz
    Output 5V – 2.5 A
    Battery Type Lithium Ion
    Input 5V – 2.5 A
    Capacity 9600 mA
    Removable Battery no
    Other Flash LED 5mm
    Laser 650nm /5mw
    Vibration Yes
    Temperature Operation Temperature 0 – 40 C
    Package Dimension 400 mm X 300 mm X 160 mm
    Weight 3200 g